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Worse place in Albuquerque the office staff are cheating the employees Add comment

This business is run by a bunch of ignorant people who don't care about their client or their employees. I have had the worst experience in dealing with the overcharging the theft the corruption uck please do not let ur elder to the hands of these idiots Add comment

I worked for Visiting Angels and most all of my pay days their payroll just gave excuses... this office is the MOST IGNORANT AND UNORGANIZED PLACE IN MY 15 YEARS OF DOING HOME HEALTH CARE!!! Nothing but unexperienced staff... they have meetings that really never happen but they want your signature for being there? DONT GET CAUGHT UP WITH THIS COMPANY... I HAVE CALLED DEPT.OF LABOR AND WAGES AND ALSO REPORTED THEM TO DEPT.OF HUMAN RESOURCES FOR... Read more

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overnight caregiver somehow broke 95 year old's collar bone and did not report it. employee did not offer any information about how the fracture happened. when questioned Visiting Angels was told the person was a "problem employee". Why was she allowed to be with fragile elderly. 95 year old was lying in bed for as long as 12 hours with a broken bone. this employee was placed on suspension - not fired! VA offer to refund the shift in which the... Read more

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I'm actually an employee the first 3 months they only used me when someone called out. Then after newyeaars they put me with a very depressed guy who needed help I told them they did nothing to try and help he has no family I personally have been lied to by them all they care about is getting their money I was never late always early except one time my phone was tore up the scheduling lady give wrong directions I got lost I finally used my on... Read more

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Couldn't express more the satisfaction that I have working with the Visiting Angels office in Temple Terrace, FL. The staff are professional and are so respectful to the caregivers. I have worked for this company for many years and I must say that they are one of the best homecare companies to work for in my opinion. The owner takes the time to meet all of the caregivers. It is easy to see that they genually care for us and take pride in theirn... Read more

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Excellent company to work for. The owner and her staff are awesome!!! It's hard to find a company where you are loved and respected as a caregiver. Pay is reasonable and staff are friendly and professional. The owner even takes the time to contact you if there is a problem that you need assistance with on your respective assignment. I've been with the company for many years and love the personal touch that the ladies in the office display... Read more

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I started working for Visiting Angels in April in the hopes of finding a steadier job because the last job I worked at worked me too much for what my personal schedule could allow. I found out pretty quickly that this place shouldn't even exist where I live let alone all over the country. first, they lied when they said they would put me on full-time. I was an on call employee for most of my time working there. Here's where it gets bad. Upon... Read more

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The WORST COMPANY to work for. The office staff is ignorant . They do not compensate you for a reasonable amount . They just find who ever can do there dirty work. They must not know how these clients of theres are mentally Ill. Read more

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Used Visitng Angels for my father who has Alzheimer's .. The caregivers when they showed up didn't know how to deal with Alzheimer's when they said they did.. At one point a caregiver said my father got into some one else's car ( why wasn't the caregiver watching him , he has Alzheimer's ). The first day they called out they weren't helping around the house . He was left alone for 3 hours the caregiver didn't show up and no one called me to let... Read more

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