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My caretaker stole out of my home also. Add comment

I posted a complaint on here about visiting angels a few weeks ago about the caretaker i had. I explained to the agency as to what was going on with him. I recently found out that visiting angels told my mew caretakers that they didnt believe me in regards to my complaint. I am furious about this. My former caretaker was even stealing food out of my home,smoking all my dads cigarettes and he even... Read more

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I had a interview with Miran the owner very rude and got mad because i had a job talking bout she need somebody with out a job why do i want another job how can i maintain other job said she need somebody full time. Told her i am able to maintain 2nd job i have done it before i feel like she could a least gave me a chance im a very hard worker and i take pride and care for my patients very... Read more

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I brought up an issue with this company about the caretaker i had. I did receive a response and she was very ignorant to me and made it sound as if I was in the wrong with the way my dad was being taken care of. I cant wait for another agency to come in and help me with my dad.this caretaker would let my dad sleep all day and a half hour before his shift would end he would then wake him and wash... Read more

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I am sorry this happened to you & your family. It seems you & your family did your best despite the many overwhelming issues. I have read most of the complaints and honestly I feel the franchise originators should be held accountable making sure these issues or properly resolved. If not, momentary penalties should be rendered. I assure you that would get their attention. Social media will... Read more

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Never use The visiting angels(New Orleans)again. The owner Jaime Maxwell is a alcoholic. She has no inner compassion. She is playing a role as if she is concerned. She is merely concern about bringing the checks to the bank. I've had several client's pass away and no sympathy card, flowers or phone calls were made to the relative. She is not in tune with her clients/employees. She is all... Read more

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Great service provided my kind caregivers. Rates are high, but comparable with most home care agencies. Add comment

Maria Taylor steals medication from her clients. snorts pills and consumes alcohol before caring for her clients. Her driving record is unclean. She has multiple DUIs and tickets. She is not the type of person I want caring for my loved ones or anyone else's for that matter Add comment

I wouldnt use this company. They are all about the money no compassion. They charge to much do not except insurance and under pays there caregivers. They work them for over 40 hours but find ways to not pay them overtime. Add comment

My mother in law was with visiting Angels. Twice id drop by and her cargiver was cuddled in moms blacnket fast asleep. Mom hadn't eaten nor had her meds. This was in Bellevue Wa. Add comment

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