I am a previous worker for the Visiting Angels location in Marietta, Ga. The management team is the worst.

From the owner on down the line. They don't know how to treat people. I seriously see why they can't keep good caregivers because they treat them like ***. They show favoritism.

I worked for the company for a little over a year. I was a full time employee while with the company I never received a raise. I was not paid for vacation time off or holidays.

All the company is concerned about is making them money. I would advise you not to go here unless you just cant find anything else.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #856231

I have worked with them here in the Portland area for six months and already I'm having problems with them. One thing I discovered that a hold-over after a 24-hour shift would normally end does NOT get paid any extra.

I worked a full 24 hour shift until 10am and the oncoming caregiver wasn't going to be in until 3:30 and they begged me to stay over. So I did, expecting to be paid the $10.50/hr rate for those hours because my shifts are paid $150 per 24 hours (whether it's a full 24 or not). Nope. They said the extra 5.5 hours were considered an "extension" of the shift therefore I worked 29.5 hours for $150.

Warning to employees: if they ask you to stay over, DON'T. You won't be compensated for those extra hours. Not worth it. But on the other hand if you refuse, they really look down on you and tell you how difficult you are to work with..

This is just one of several examples of issues I've encountered with these people. Another is they would tell me that there aren't any clients so "sit tight" and "something will come up soon". Every so often I would check in with them to see if any work. Nothing.

Day after day, then week after week. So I went to go do some other work, committed myself to another job to put food on my table. Then BAM one day they call "we need you to come in now" but I'm already committed to the other job. Then they get all pissy, saying "you said you were available to work this day".

Well, yeah but if you tell me there's nothing, then that's what I go on. Folks, no matter HOW many hours you work, whether it's 96 (as I have frequently done) or 9.6, IT'S AN ON-CALL JOB. They even went so far as to say that to me, but NOW...not during my interview. Sure, during the interview "your hours aren't guaranteed but you'll have plenty of hours".

Yeah...when the hours drop off you're expect to SIT ON YOUR HANDS AND DO NOTHING but wait for them to call, otherwise they get upset. Oh but the many times they've asked me to stay over or come in on a day off, I have done so but when I have something important going on in my life and I need to keep that day off...it's blasphemous. DO NOT WORK for this company unless you just need it for EXTRA CASH and NOT a main or even secondary source of income. The job isn't even classified as part-time, even though you can easily work a regular schedule for a while (until your client dies or gets moved to a facility).

It's too feast-or-famine to rely upon. Oh, and one more thing: someone mentioned favoritism. I believe it happens. Several times I had patients and their family members compliment me left and right, get along super well with me, like me a ton and even tell me they put in a great word for me at the office but I never, ever once was given recognition or even acknowledged that someone complimented me.

I think it's because I'm male and I assert myself with my time off, though I try to accommodate the company as best as I can. However, I don't like being entirely away from home 4-5 days a week (96-110 hours) for what little they pay and then struggle to survive when their clients drop off. Yeah, it's the nature of the business they say. There's ALWAYS demand for their services.

It's how they utilize their people and it's not all that great.

Oh yeah...and you're expected to cook, clean house, make beds, do laundry and a lot of other stuff that isn't exactly having anything to do with home HEALTH care. True...I'd rather being doing THAT stuff than wiping someone's butt, but since when did "maid" become part of "caregiver"?

to FleaIntheCarpet Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #889214

Exactly my point also when did housecleaning, cooking become part of Healthcare thank you! Portland, Oregon I work for Visiting Angels in corpus Christi Tx and there fool of it a lot of bs in there handbook they are not professional's, and the threat's abuse bull there's a lady there in the office that call's her caregiver's a bad Spanish name NOT! so professional

to FleaIntheCarpet #933960

Visiting Angels isn't a HEALTH care company, it's a personal care company, isn't it? Everything I read about it says they provide non-medical support - including bathing, meals, light housekeeping and laundry for the patient (not for a family/household), errands, companionship, etc.

Its no secret that these are part of the job. Surprised to hear y'all complain about that part of the job as care giver at Visiting Angels.

Just curious........was this a new business?

Not established yet? Is that why they couldn't keep you busy?

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