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In my interview the nurse claimed that only their personnel are capable and made claims about their competition in the most disturbing ways.Others were not professional and should not be caring for the elderly that are bed bound because so many of them are poorly trained with bad attitudes.

Also comments were made that the other companies sometimes do not do background checks and have had clients items missing and a reckless disregard for patients personel belongings.I don't believe that is professional, and I don't believe that Visiting Angels should be so cut throat t get business.

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:eek Visiting Angels are not even qualified to walk a dog!!!My Mother's caregiver in Palm Desert had a warrant for their arrest and was hired anyway!!!!!

They also hire many employess from the Phillipines and do not do background checks!!

What an outrage.Please file formal complaints to put them out of business.


Only poor or companies more intrested in profits would do this.Most are great providers if not too expensive.

Personaly as a major company franchise owner I have had this experience with more than one major provider in particular as concerns my franchise with a major Company in East Phoenix AZ. I won't give out the name but, if your in this business in the Phoenix area you probably know who this is. The cure is just continue to do a great job, provide great care and to have integrity in what you do, not increase pricing for additional services, or for the type of car in the driveway or size of house. Whenever you can, go with a fix price company that is transparent and will show caregiver pay along with fees.

Many companies are charging $25 or more per hour here with the caregiver not certified or licensed and only making $9.00. Is this the care you want? You can get professional care for under $17 with great caregivers in the valley. In fact you can do this in almost every state now.

Always insist on knowing what your caregiver is paid, qualifications, full nationwide background and more than 3 refrences checked. Talk to active owners whenever possible, not sales people who are looking for the sale and not really caring about you or your loved ones care. Always check with complaints on-line, BBB and with others who have used them. Never believe if you pay more for care you get better care.

Most companies just absorb this as profit and...

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