BEWARE OF THIS FRANCHHISE!!! My dear Father who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's is being "cared for" by sub-par companion.

We have had the most unfortunate experience with caregiver "Ernie" who has no regard for my Dad at all. Basically leaves him unattended (a man who can't walk without assistance), feeds the family dogs instead of my Dad - DOES NOT ANSWER THE PHONE or understand the basics for caring for a man of his condition - i.e.: can't take blood pressure, read medications, or disperse critical pain medications. He leaves my Dad in filthy conditions upon becoming incontinent. He did not call 911 when my Dad fell and cut himself - as a result he had a raging infection in his leg from an untreated gash.

WHAT AN OUTRAGE! Now we are being harassed by "Barry" who called and put his best THUG attitude on us!

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i agree with these comments, i worked for them for a brief period although i was qualified, not an alien or criminal, it was a job i really wanted, after the hiring i noticed how unprofessional this company was. leaving everything up to the caregiver and never available when i needed them, i was cussed out for "bothering" the superviser when she was too drunk to know who i was, they are so disrespectful and cruel...they will do or say anything to get your money but in the end you will be ripped off and feeling like you didnt get what you should from them.

people like this shouldnt be allowed the privledge to care for the elderly. the owners and the office staff were evil evil people. they will fight with you to defend there already horrible reputation.

i hope this bussiness is shut down!!! i had to take them off of my resume because no one would even consider hiring me once they saw i was affilated with them in the past...worst place ever :(


As I sit here today, I am so very grateful to report that my loved one was saved from the grip that " The ***'s Angels " had on my parents. I just want to again WARN ALLL CONSUMERS to be very, very careful in placing

Your loved one's within Visiting Angels in Cathedral City.

Our family filed numerous complaints and even called the the Franchise Headquarters who are very aware of the fraud at this sight. Double billing.....hiring illegal aliens, 6th grade educated if that, no background check....on and on it goes. My family was warned that the company had Barry, the owner of visiting Angels on his radar. Also, law enforcement does as well!!!

It is called Karma Barry and you will get yours in the end! :? :?


I am so pleased to see others complaining about Visitng Angels in palm Desert. They are all Angels from ***!

I can't believe the way they treat the elderly. no regard for human life.

So disgusting and sad. DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY if you want your family member to die with dignity.


Angelonearth - Thank you for your response! We have had so much support and outpouring of concern regarding this place - I can't beleive they are still in buciness!!! SHAMEFUL!!


I am so sorry you experienced this NIGHTMARE company. Visiting Angels in Cathedral City employ only people who HAVE criminal records and who drive without licenses!!!! I am being interviwed by a news agency and this interview will put them out of business!


So awful to put your trust in someone and have them take advantage of your loved one in the most vulnerable time.....

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