This franchise is worse than ***! My poor father is trapped in a contract with leeches and idiots who are unable to care for him in his late stages Alzheimer's.

When I have called (numerous times) to have the sub-par 'companion' removed from the home, Monique (branch owner) told me I should be thankful that they were in "looking after my Dad". After 3 trips to URGENT CARE under the 'watchful eye" of these freaks, my Dad is in worse condition than if her were being cared for by monkeys. Don't even get me started on co-owner Barry – who uses thug like tactics to "˜deal with his clients". They employ CRIMINALS WHO CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

This is an OUTRAGE!

Palm Desert and surrounding areas - WAKE UP!!!!!!! Please re-post this message if you have had a similar experience.

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A lawsuit will keep your fat mouth shut you ***????


Did you idiots graduate from grade school???

You freaks are going to burn in ***!!!


I'm sending this one straight to corporate....a good read here....mr. franchisee. LOVE YOUR BUSINESS TACTICS.


Keep posting your trash and a lawsuit will keep your FAT MOUTH SHUT YOU M O R O N !!!!!!!!!!!

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