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Hired and quickly fired this company in Maryland. They couldn't send qualified home health aide and starting questioning me as to why I thought I needed a CNA.

This is what I hired them for - to provide qualified CNA to provide home health aide services for senior living at home. They continued to fail to come through and then started to second guess me on my needs. I started to feel like I was talking to the wall when communication the type of person I needed to provide supervision and senior care for a parent. I was ignored.

I was a number. No concern for quality health care in the home.


Unresponsive. Unprofessional.

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A CNA does not provide any medical services - that would be a Nurse. I have used numerous home health care service companies and they always provide a CNA if I ask for one.

But they do not provide any medical services - but they can pass a test and are "certified" through the county/state. They have a license. I'd rather have someone who can go through the certification process.

I have many questionable individuals show up at my door - like the company hired someone standing at front of medical building looking for work. Not what I'm interested in....


If the company SAID they could provide a CNA, then they should have done so.

It matters not what they state on their Web site. The franchisee (or the manager) agreed to something.

Even if the work did not require a CNA, the company agreed to provide a CNA. They should have done what they said they would do.


Visting Angels website states that they do not provide any type of health/medical care. Why were you requesting services they do not offer?

to Oh Really Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #631925

They offer the services I was requesting. They provide CNA's - they just didn't have anyone available so instead of admitting that to me, they started questioning why I needed a CNA.

No other home health company has ever done this. Just don't think Visiting Angels is a good resource for providing home care - they don't have access to the qualified people.

to Anonymous Sacramento, California, United States #644220

They aren't a home health company. They are a non-medical homecare company where the underlying words are NON-MEDICAL.

While some of their caregivers are most likely CNA and/or HHA's, the majority are not. They questioned you because those certifications are not required to perform the job in a superior fashion.

to B Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #644227

I asked them on the interview, BEFORE I HIRED THEM, if they could provide CNA's. They told me they could!

Then they couldn't provide a CNA. Probably because any CNA WORTH ANYTHING WOULD GO ELSEWHERE. I'm so disgusted to continue to hear the excuses this company makes.

These are our loved ones we're talking about here !!! And they deserve the best that we can give them !

to Anonymous Sac City, Iowa, United States #769871

CNA's who do work of this kind are usually 20-somethings with little or no experience doing caregiving. There are some exceptions to this rule, of course, but typically unlicensed caregivers are older and have more experience in this type of work.

In other words, while you're asking for the 3 letters behind the caregiver's name, thinking you're an educated consumer, you're actually better off worrying about other things like, TB testing, Drug testing, background screening, and reference checking. Another way of determining the quality of an agency is to ask if they have a dedicated case manager and to check if they answer their phone after regular business hours.

to Anonymous #769978

It just does not matter at this point. I use another company who provide CNA AND A senior care specialist.

Visiting Angels couldn't provide what they agreed to provide on the interview.

Do Not Negate my bad experience with this company or make excuses for them.

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