Same lousy service in Dallas, TX. At $1,100 for 60 hours a week (private pay) the LPN, Kristol, speaks to me like I work for her.

Fired first caregiver due to theft and watching 15 *** videos on my new computer in one afternoon. $1,148 walked out of the patient's wallet in less than two months. Of course, he has dementia and "who knows" what "he" did with the money. Well, if he's been watched, they'd known what he did with the money.

Next caregiver lost his wallet on an outing to drop off laundry. Another $500 gone. They refuse to address the wallet issue. They said they fired the "*** queen" but I've got an inkling she still works there!

Not all their caregivers are bad, but they are underpaid, mistreated and disrespected.

The office staff is rude and unprofessional. Worst experience ever

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would a demented client have all that cash? Do what responsible family does shop for your b love one yourself don't leave cash laying around a dementia person.

He could have earn the money he has dementia. No one stole money the workers have extensive background checks. Don't complain about the money you pay it's cheap compared to other company's.

The employees are treated great, an paid well that's why they apply an stay for years. Noone stole anything an you know it l

to Anonymous #1050043

U work for the company. Also, your grammar is very poor.

I wouldn't hire you.

PS. I work in Ohio for investigation's of Medicare fraurd

to Anonymous Laredo, Texas, United States #1202776

"fraurd" and you are critiquing someone else on their grammer?

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