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Almost 1 year ago I called to find out more about their service. No issues with telephone personnel. The intake person they sent out was a dream!

Recently, I was prepared to move forward with their sevice as I have an older relative in my home and need someone to assist with companionship. When I called the person was rude, terse and hung up on me. I was floored! I called back to speak to someone else and was treated worse than the initial call.

The next person I spoke to said that the first person I spoke with was a manager. Oh heavens! This person also hung up on me. I called their corporate office in CA and complained and albeit the person I spoke to listened he was very apathetic about what happened to me.

I am quite reluctant to use them however it may not be indicitave of how the care-givers treat their clients but I am not willing to take that chance.

So sad becasue they advertise on Christian radio.

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Hello, I work for Visiting Angels and have for a while. I know people who need care for family members get frustrated or angry at the staff or the caregivers for not knowing something.

What you do not realize is that Visiting Angels is considered non-medically based. Nurses and Doctors do not run the offices or or the medical aspect of the care plan, just the care plan of activities of daily living. I realize that those activities may include a bed bath, and transferring a client from a wheel chair to a toilet, that is where a Certified Nurse Assistant comes in, someone who has been trained by an RN in class room and in a nursing home for clinical practice. People who do not receive CNA training do not always know how to transfer a client from wheel chair to a bed or to a toilet, may not know how to change a disposable undergarment, may not know how to give a bed bath.

The people who get hired are called Caregivers. They are supposed to assist but in a minimal aspect, which is not always the case. I'm a CNA and Medical Assistant. I wish our company was Medically based along with the other aspects we cover.

Yes, people can be rude on the phone in the offices, which I totally disagree with.

I wish it was different. It can be different with training and learning, which needs to be taiught by medical staff.

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #1178392

Visiting Angels---the biggest scam ever !! Total disaster in a very critical time for my husband and me this past winter.

It would take all day to explain all of the autrausities that took place with. VISITING. ANGELS.

Here in Woodstock , Ga.

to Paulette Faile #1576562

I live here in Texas it's sad to say that company is bad all over the world sounds like devil's to me especially the rude woman here in Austin name sue she had some ugly things to say about my children and I don't play that I will be sure that someone over her handles her.


Unfortunately this is how the entire company seems to run. I'm still waiting to get reimbursed for money stolen from my paycheck after I called in sick with extremely contagious impetigo and upper respiratory infection to which I had hospital notes that were ignored and was fired anyway because they called me in the hospital asking me to work an extra sixteen hour shift knowing I was in the er.

Still waiting for the money. Their handbook clearly states that $100 will be taken from the last paycheck if the employee terminates employment within 180 days. They terminated me for being extremely I'll and calling in sick instead of going to work and caring for someone on hospice who could have does if they contracted what I had. I caught pneumonia twice from my clients.

It's terrible. And so so sad.

I honestly loved my clients and loved my job. So sad that they'd rather save a penny then have employees who actually want to be there and like what they do.


I was visiting the southeastern Pennsylvania area, and a Personal Assistant I was hoping to have the first-day had a schedule conflict. I was told to call Visiting Angels.

I called their corporate office and was then referred to their HAVERTOWN, PA office. No sooner had I finished my introduction their rep without hesitation said she couldn't get anyone to me. She referred me to their Audubon, PA office where I left a message. Their representative did not call me back, so I called 24 hours later and after my introductions to her she said she also could not handle me.

I find it absolutely amazing that Visiting Angels personnel are so efficient that they can reject you without even giving a hint of trying. When I called the corporate office to voice a complaint I got complete indifference and a" so what" attitude.cJDpU/


Vanessa -

The corporate people at Visiting Angels are all wonderful - They are IN PA not CA which makes me believe you stumbled upon a bad franchisee, not the corporate office.

Also - You are likely dealing with a very stressful situation and you may have contacted an office that was in the middle of their own bad day,

I am a Franchisee in a Southern State - I have had only great experiences with all of their people, except perhaps their CEO who has some ego issues

Good luck, I hope you fid the help you're looking for

Santa Barbara D'oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil #209321

Hi, Vanessa.

I want to apologize for the treatment you received. I work for the Visiting Angels Corporate Headquarters located in PA, not CA (FYI, we have franchises throughout the US and our Corp office is located only in PA -- check out to verify), and welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please give me a call at 1-800-365-4189, and ask the call center for Mike. If I am away from my office, please leave a voicemail and I will call you back ASAP.

Thanks, Vanessa. I look forward to getting to the bottom of this and helping however I can.


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