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First Off I Want To Start With The Fact That VA Does Not Require Certified Nursing Assistants To Care For Your Loved One . My Sister Worked There Doing 24 Hr Shifts For One Week .

Her Paperwork Forbade Her To Tell The Family Receiving Care : How Much They Paid Her , Her Direct Cell Phone Number , Or Any Idea To Cut VA Out Of The Deal . We Shortly Discovered Why . VA Does Not Accept Medicaid Because Medicaid Requires Home Care Businesses To Hire CERTIFIED (on the state board) Professionals . Although My Sister Is A CNA , Her Certification Wasnt Required , Only Preferred By The Company....

SCAMMM ! Families Are Under Several Impressions Including That Their Company Requires Certified Professional Care . My Sister Was Paid $100 Per 24 Hour (live in) Shift . The SCAM Here Is That VA Charges The Family Per Hour ($12-$14 in NC) But Pays Their Employees By The Shift .

All In All Your "caregiver" , Not CNA Is An Angry Worker Who Is Underpaid & More Than Likely NOT Certified . Meaning The Rules & Regulations Required Of A CNA (Hippa Laws , Abuse Laws , etc) Are Not Necessary .

Hiring A VA "caregiver" Is Basically Hiring An Underpaid Person Of The Street To Care For Your Loved . Go With A Respected Company That Accepts Medicaid & Hires Only Certified Professionals !

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Without a chance to defend myself.boss got gossip and lies and fired me for something that Never happened!!so sad.couldnt say goodbye. Worked 8 hrs no break. Given No way to defend myself against hospice ppl i didnt even know.


They underpay good employees and come up with every reason not to give a minimal increase at annual reviews.


I work for visiting angels. First off, the $24 hour shifts pay $200 each time.

Often times our clients don't NEED medical help or nursing, but just want a lil help around the house so they can stay out of the nursing home. Simple things like rides to the doctors office, help preparing meals, and cleaning. Reminders to take their medicine, or even change their diapers. VA isn't the only home care help that doesn't require Medicaid.

Just ask your local cleaning service because honestly it's not that much different.

If your sister feels overqualified, then get a better job. Don't throw stones at people like me, who couldn't afford to college but still wanted to make a difference in your parent's lives.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1211160

I would like to know where u make 200 per 24 hour shift cause I've never made more than 130 for a 24, and it was.for.a.couple

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #826314

CNA just means that you attended a 90 day program so that you can now work at the meatgrinder they call a nursing home taking care of 20 patients a day instead of one. You were not mislead by the agency.

You are not underpaid.

You knew the rate of pay and you accepted the job. Don't like it, find another job.


VA does not purport to provide all licensed and/or certified care. In fact, they stress quite clearly that they provide primarily companion-type care.

When I initially spoke with them on the phone they specifically explained this and let me know that although employees are CPR certified, in an emergency they first call EMS and then do what EMS instructs them to do. It was made quite clear to me that although they HIRE CNAs and CMAs, they are NOT providing that kind of care, but rather companion/assistance care (light housekeeping, shower assist, help with pet feedings, grocery shopping, etc. I was clearly told they could give medication reminders, but not administer them. If you want to work somewhere where you fully function as a CNA, this is not the place.

If you want MEDICAL care (CNA, MA, Nursing, etc.), then call a company that provides it, not one that is primarily designed to give caring companionship and general assistance.

And BTW, they require employees to have either 2 years of nursing home experience or be a CNA or certified medical assistant so that they have the BACKGROUND necessary, not that they will necessarily function fully in those capacities. If you had asked thorough and intelligent questions about the company you would have known this and not be complaining about it on the internet.


wow this does not make me feel comfortable i was just hir :x ed in to va and now im not sure if i want to work here after reading all of this

Sac City, Iowa, United States #769852

Did you know that the state of Massachusetts pays caregivers $30 per day for live in care?

to Anonymous Laredo, Texas, United States #1202803

This is RIDICULOUS. Get a life.


VA is non medical! Therefore cannot be a Medicaid provider.

A CNA cannot provide any medical assistance to a client while working for VA. There is no certification at this time for a caregiver. You should know what you are talking about before you post a ludicrous comment. Educate yourself with the facts first.

The agency can charge a client whatever they want to. It is none of the employees business! Your business is your hourly wage.

If it is not enough don't accept the job. If you think you can make so much more start your own business!


I am an employee with VA, and it has it's pros and cons. NOW I am a certified care giver through my state, I have all my paper work to show it and you are right it does not matter through VA because they are a NONMEDICAL (and it states it on the webpage) organization. I do not agree with giving the clients family your personal numbers. After 11 years of doing this I have learned it's a bad idea, you will have family calling you at ALL hours, and I have even had some who like to gossip about staff to other staff...keeping your number private is honestly just a good idea.

They pay me well (not great), better than most medical places but they do not hire experienced people. I was told that my pay rate was based on my experience (what a croc). I found out they were starting younger, inexperienced people out at the same dang rate!

The branch I work for DOES NOT offer insurance, they give you a number for a private (expensive) agent who pretty much finds you insurance off google.

We do not get raises...

And the last two cons, is the office will not stand up for their workers if they are being verbally abused by the clients family, and the office is so unorganized.

PROS: My schedule has NEVER changed, I have never been mandated to stay (due to being nonmedical), I always get the days off I request, the PTO system is amazing and the best I have ever seen (200 hours work=40 hours PTO). My bosses are all nice.


This is a HORRIBLE company, The owner Lori has no concern for employees, you are just a dime a dozen to them, I was soo incredebly mistreated by this company! They dont even follow there OWN rules from the handbook! If your looking for a job, stear clear of this franchise!

to marry #618209

I so agree Read mine Awful to employees when you can

to marry Livermore, California, United States #674612

:( Yep, you are right. Your a "dime a dozen" to them.

I was recently "let go" as a caregiver because I had an issue with a client who was (total care), had a stroke, no mobility at all on his left side, had a feeding tube and because I couldn't get him in my truck to take him places, (as per his niece), in 105 degree heat with feeding schedules so close together within my 2 hr shift I was let go. I am NOT certified to care for such an individual at this board and care home. I turned down another assignment a few months ago because the client and I were not compatible for each other and thought it best to not return. I informed the Director at Visiting Angels in Livermore, Ca.

about the situation and he said he understood and would find another caregiver for said client but I continued to work thereafter caring for other clients. Guess he, the (Director), wanted or wants his employees to work with uncompatable clients :? Also, I guess the Visiting Angels Handbook doesn't follow it's own rules either. Weight limit= no more than 25 pounds to be lifted ? That (total care client), as mentioned above weighed at least 150-160 pounds but the office expected me to get him in my truck just the same.

There was another incident as to where I could not return to an agency I worked in, taking care of various clients because a nurse there wouldn't watch my client for 5 min. while I went to the bathroom. She went to the social worker and had me removed just because I had to go to the can ? The office personnel seemed professional but you could tell they were phoney.

I enjoyed my work and gave 110% of my time and effort but THEY didn't see it that way. I thought the company was "top notch" but boy was I wrong.

to Anonymous #674621

Anonymous continues: I was also told by the owner that occasionally, caregivers who watch Hospice clients can administer (Morphine)! In fact, he even said this during an In-Service !!

He calls it a "fine gray area". Really !!! That just blew me away. The Pros about this company is that they NEVER messed up my pay.

The Cons are, well see for yourself. They are NOT abiding by OSHA standards and it's ALL about the money. In summary, I hold true the facts as stated above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I had hoped that it could have been a longer relationship with this company but my hopes were dashed quickly. Thanks Keith.


nO CAREGIVER IS ENCOURAGED TO GIVE OUT HOME SHE GETS PAID, THAT IS JUST NOT ETHICAL BUT IT DOES HAPEN WHEN PPL ARE PAID MEASLY WAGES. tHE PHONE # IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GIVE OUT not only not to do any business w/clients/patients without the knowledge of the company, which is the law and in the work ethics but the patients will abuse numbers and call and ask for help from caregiver while not on duty and that can be very overwhelming, bothersome, in fact a big problem.


I agree that is a bad company right up to the top, but for other reasons than the above. I live in CT and work in a very rich area where this company should not be allowed to operate!!!Never the less is there.

I went to work for them only to earn some extra money next to a better paying one till I find better job, but that did not happen and the thing what I want to share with people here and any pertinent officials that the franchise in Middlefield, does illegal things. Grossly underpay their employees: $4.16/hr night work, no direct deposit, no health insurance, no overtime, no mileage reinbursement for straight in between cases traveling, or incentive to travel long distance to cover cases (20-25 mls one way).

When asked or confronted they are demeaning and condescending, lecturing and sounding disappointed!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaattt????????


to Palomina Nashville, Tennessee, United States #616111

I worked for VA for almost 5 years. I was injured on the job and the owner refused to give me the required information on WC insurance..





You do know that Visiting Angels isn't telling their clients that they have CNA's caring for their elders right? Visiting Angels isn't a medical based agency, in fact, they are prohibited by the state to do any type of medical work. So the reason you are frustrated is because your sister is over qualified and can't find CNA work due to the economy. Visiting Angels just like any other company will employ someone who is overqualified as long as they understand the business model. A fast food joint is still going to pay an ex-business entrepreneur their minimum wage despite their experience.

These types of agencies exist to provide the elderly with a lot more affordable care than what a nursing home or hospital stay could offer. Most elderly don't require CNA or medical assistance.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by an angry worker. Anyone who has a job that is above minimum wage should be grateful for the opportunity and work hard to prove that they deserve a higher paying job, if that's what you mean

to JS672152 Nashville, Tennessee, United States #616118

Spoke like a true Visiting Angel owner.!!! Visiting Angels represents themselves as Christians but in reality many companies break the law.


not have the state required Workers Comp insurance and not paying the injured employ when they win the case with the state. They are a sham.

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