I am an LPN with a specialty in elder care. I was hired at $11 and hour.

They put me on a 3 night 4 day shift for $140. They said I only had to work 10 hours and could take breaks. No you could not leave this man alone.

I am in the process of filing a formal complaint. The family wants me to stay as they pay over $80,000.

a year for this service.

However I made to sign a contract that I would not work for their employers for two years. THis is a scam that will be broken and many caring nurses will talk.

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Another lousy agency in the desert. The unskilled are the 1st hired.

Desperate for work and unlikely to complain. Plus-worked as independant contractors so the company isn't held accountable.


:( Please report them anonymous worker. You can get out of your contract and collect much more money!!!!

You do not want to have your name associated with Visitng angels and have that horrible company on your resume.

I read Chris, the owners statment about not hiring LPN's!! They don't!! They hire workers right off the street. No CPR certification.

Don't even know heimlich.

They can't call 911 because they do not understand English. Run for your life....


Hello Chris,

What is the pay rate for CNA's through your organization starting out? Thanks :)


We have never hired an LPN. We have never had a male case who needed caregiving overnight.

I can only assume this is a slanderous allegation.

When our caregivers are hired, their pay rate is clearly stated, and they sign an agreement. Our pay rates comply with all state and federal regs, and are the highest in our area.

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