I just found out about this website and am just disgusted to read the same HORRIBLE stories about the visiting Angels in Palm Desert. I begged the owners to please help my family with the people they placed in my family memebers home!!!

They were rude and told me they had lawyers and I could pursue legal action. You do not need to tell me twice. I encourage EVERYONE who has complaints to contact the corporate offices in Washington (I will leave the phone number) and to also file formal complaints with the better business bureau. The employees(if you can call them that) do not speak English, are not certified to do anything medical which means taking care of a patient.

They do not know how to use a blood pressure cuff!!! They do not know how to write down drugs and how to dose correctly!!

They do not know how to tell if a patient is in pain.Oh, and if a patient has trouble walking they are no where around!! NOT COMPANIONS!!!

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I am for Random, VA employee's comment. I hope the members of the client would read carefully & understand fully the literature VA offered before making harsh judgments or lawsuits.

Random's explanation is very clear and easy to comphrehend. We are very lucky to have Random explain what VA does - especially to folks who missed the point.


Er...while I empathize and am horrified to hear about your experiences, Visiting Angels doesn't advertise as 'medical' care...we're very clearly labeled as 'non-medical in-home care-services' (or should be, if the franchisee is behaving properly). So no, they would not be expected to dose a client, work a BP cuff or do anything of the sort - all that our employees are legally allowed to do is med-reminders/assists IF - and only IF - the family has a schedule made and the medications in cups or otherwise segregated pill box.

I can hand your father his medicine, but I can't dose him...now, it's BS that they would let someone visibly in pain go without aid (call the office, call the family - get instruction and then DO IT) but really that's about as far as I'm legally allowed to do.

Even though I actually HAVE the know-how to do those things for myself, when on the clock they are part of the "no-no" list. :(

I hope that helps a little bit to explain why some things are how they are with V.A. We're not all bastards, I promise.

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