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I want to warn ALL who view the information regarding Visiting Angels.

Each and every "companion" is not finger-printed, NO background checks conducted, no DMV checks, and most do not speak English. They are so dumb and ill equipped,they do not know how to answer a phone or dial 911.

I beg everyone who reads this to please pass this information on if you are considering care for your loved one.

My family has reported them and now social services is involved. I have an attorney and will take ALL actions to put them out of business.

Please, Please, Please be very careful and protect your loved one. Do not use this agency!!!

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You are misinformed! Per our franchise agreements we run two (2) background checks. The first is with the health care registry and the 2nd is a third party nationwide background screening.


I'm a nurse who has worked over 23 years in Home Care. I am considering investing in a franchise of Visiting Angels.

I read this post and am surprised that there was no background check. I will do more research on this company.

Many of the complaints I see here are complaints I've seen with other agencies too. There will always be an aide that gets there late, or that doesn't show up due to illness and such.

They're supposed to call the agencies so they could get a replacement. That's not always possible with late notice. It's not perfect by any means but it helps people stay at home.

When someone can't be left alone, a live-in aide is a better option.

Good luck to you.

to Barbara #908266

I owe a VA franchise and each are independently owed and operated. We have guidelines set by corporate.

I have never had a complaint that I have not responded to immediately. The values, trust and ethics are from the top down.

I love what I do and would recommended VA to anyone who is interested in serving our community.


I have also been told they pay corporate employees to respond to All NEGATIVE CHATTER......Visiting Angels must be working overtime. I know Monique, Jennifer and Barry have to at their VA franchise in Cathedral City!!!!

Many websites can provide you with their criminal activity.....It is all there n black and white!!!!!M


You must be an employee with Visiting Angels! What a joke......

I feel so sorry for you.

I hope you are getting paid at least 5 an hour!!!!!!!! Can you walk a dog because that is really all that eir employees can do......So, I would quit before you are in to deep!!!!!


I am quite irritated that you catagorize all of the Visiting Angels employees as dumb, illegal alien criminals. I, for one am licensed as a CNA with no violations, have an existing AAS degree and am currently 6 classes away from getting my BSN.

I am not ***. I can speak English. I actually have patients families that request me.

And just today, I caught a Rx error from the patient's hospital nurse. So please think twice before bad-mouthing us all!


My stomache just churns when I read about Visiting Angels! They are the most dishonest company I have ever encountered in my life.

Know that I have read what people are doing I am going to report them because "the more noise that is made" the more attention to this crazy company. PALM DESERT Visiting Angels is going down......Goodbye Jennifer, Monique and Barry.............Looks like you all will be picking up trash on the side of the road LOL

to FRAUDS #908268

I promise you I will let corporate know about your complaints about the Palm Desert agency


We have to find a way to put these people out of business! They are awful!

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