Made an initial appointment with the owner of the Cherry Hill, NJ office for my mother. Told the owner from day one that my 84 year old mother had an oxygen machine in her bedroom in case she needed oxygen at night but very seldom used it.

She ask a bunch of medical questions and I told her that my mother smoked. She now waits until the day before the initial meeting, and after several conversations regarding their services and that we are anxious to get her care started, she calls me to tell me that it is a danger to have her employees in the home because there is an oxygen machine in the home and my mother smokes therefore her so called visiting angels can't help my mother. I thing this is absolutely disgraceful. No wonder this company has so many complaints.

I think this is discrimination. Would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Well it's common sense that oxygen machine use and smoking is incompatible. Who is going to be put at risk for such an irresponsible behavior?


It is disgraceful you are beyond ignorant of the fact that smoking and oxygen DO NOT MIX! Visiting Angels obviously cares about their employees safety.

Your Mother could blow the entire house up along with herself and the caregiver. Please do some research, this situation is a ticking time bomb!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #837232

Oxygen tank and cigarettes? A lawsuit waiting to happen.

Take the dang cigs from mom. Jeezzz. Crazy. Discrimination?

That is so funny.

Seattle, Washington, United States #815475

I worked for a man who became paralyzed from the waist down and who had extra mobility problems in his hands. He was also a smoker, as am I.

I personally am uncomfortable smoking inside anywhere, period, even at my own house. I was fortunate enough that my client had a wonderful sense of humor, tho, and I wanted to continue to be of service to him. So, I suggested a compromise...since I refused to smoke indoors, we both started going outside, me pushing his wheelchair onto the deck. It worked well, and he also cut his cigarette smoking down considerably.

If, however, you're in the employ of someone who isn't willing to compromise, what about keeping the machine outside during the day, and put it back by the bed when they're ready to turn in. Yes, they can be unwieldy, but you keep a job and help prevent an unneccessary accident.


A lot of people on here should spend more time with their "loved ones" and less time complaining about the agency!!!! I just started working for them, but I am a critical care RN.......if u had a clue, 1.

Visiting Angels is not obligated to take a case and 2. Oxygen + smoking = explosion!!!!!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #748973

It is dangerous to smoke around oxygen. I know of a woman where I live that was on oxygen and smoked.

She had repeatedly been told not smoke, but she kept right on.

Then one day when she was smoking her apartment ignited to the point that she almost didn't get out. Needless to say, she was evicted from that apartment complex and had to pay a hefty sum for repairs.


Hm, you think that's discrimination? You are mistaken.

Smoking anywhere near pure oxygen is just plain stuu pid.

No company would tolerate that and neither should anyone in their right mind allow smoking near an oxygen tank. Stu pid stu pid stu pid

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #748831

No....they are 100% right. If ole granny decides to light up around the pure Oxygen....then what the *** do you think would be the outcome if things go bad.

You could not pay me to do that either...use your freaking head. This has nothing to do with the company...but rather safety

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #748819

I see alot of complaints about this company from all over. Perhaps people need to be more careful in choosing someone to help with our parents, etc. Get the word around about them to anyone remotely considering using this company.

to nikalseyn Exton, Pennsylvania, United States #826292

This is not a valid complaint, Visiting Angels is the best.

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